Stories behind our journey

Here is a backstory to the stories behind our journey:  

Earlier this year, I began to write narratives on why we are on this Wiztr journey.  Connecting all the dots that were the questions for which I was seeking answers.  Problems needing solutions.  Vismaya, my then-grade-school-going daughter, presented me with these whiteboard drawings (originals here) .. based on her own observations of dad and mom, who is a coach.  Her drawings tell the Wiztr story much better than I would have been able to, with my adult words.

I present the Wiztr stories below as illustrations, based on Vismaya’s original work.

Bala Gopalan • Father and Wiztr Founder • August 2016

Wish she would practice between classes

Her creativity should be channeled toward progress (not excuses)

Am I just an uber driver parent for my kid’s coaching classes?

I have no idea. My spouse is the active parent when it comes to my children’s coaching activities.

Finding out when the makeup class is shouldn't be hard work