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Dear Coach / Teacher,

Thank you for visiting this page.

It is very possible one of your students or their parents referred you here, to learn more about Wiztr and check it out.

Or, you just happened to visit this page on your own.

Either ways, I am glad you are here.  I present you below the Wiztr story and invite you to give Wiztr a try.

My name is Bala Gopalan.  I have developed Wiztr from the frustrations of my own experiences, as a parent, taking my child for private lessons and, as the spouse of a music teacher, helping my wife run her coaching business.

What is Wiztr?

Wiztr ( is a mobile app that provides a simple and elegant way for private coaches to book lessons with students/parents and chat with them.

If the above hasn’t interested you already, do these narratives sound familiar?

Glad you loved our session. Let’s connect directly to schedule the next. That service you found me through costs me every session.

I wonder how I can expand (and monetize) my student engagements beyond just the scheduled sessions.

How did I miss that session that I agreed to by SMS?

Per my tracking, we’ve only used 3 sessions (and, not 4) from the 6-pack.

I wish my kid practiced between her coaching sessions.

Am I just an uber driver parent for my kid’s coaching classes?

I have no idea. My spouse is the active parent when it comes to my children’s coaching activities.

If yes, then our Wiztr story will interest you. Below is a summary of the journey we have embarked on with Wiztr:

Independent, private coaches (e.g., piano teacher, swim coach) and parents of students who seek lessons from them engage across SMS, Phone, WhatsApp, Email and Calendars for booking appointments and tracking progress. The disjointed nature of this engagement results in the pain of missed appointments and learning opportunities.

Wiztr is LinkedIn-meets-WhatsApp for private coaching, with a vision of:

  1. Minimizing the pain involved in coach-parent interactions via intelligent session booking
  2. Increasing the lifetime value of students for a coach
  3. Enabling parents to connect with all their coaches from one simple app to track their child’s progress for review and recognition

And, the availability of Wiztr on App Store is our first step in this journey.

I invite you to try Wiztr, to book lessons and chat with your students.  It is FREE.

To get the Wiztr app, please visit the Apple App Store by clicking on the button below:

Interested in Wiztr .. but not an iPhone user?

The Android and Web versions of Wiztr are in the works. Please fill this form to be notified of early access as soon as it is available.

Lastly ..

Beyond my own personal experiences, I am actively talking to music teachers and private coaches, as I continue to develop Wiztr.  I welcome a conversation with you and value your feedback.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bala Gopalan
Founder · Wiztr  ·