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Your awesomeness matters. For our coaching matters.

Interested in Wiztr?

I am looking for an awesome mobile app developer to join me in this Wiztr journey.  If you happen to be an awesome coder, who identifies with our story, then is there a purpose waiting for you here!  In the event you are also a parent, you are likely to find your PURPOSE MAXIMIZED from our Wiztr journey :=)

If you believe you are that awesome person and interested in Wiztr, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Bala Gopalan • Wiztr Founder • bala [at] wiztr [dot] com

PS: Not interested in inquiries from companies offering outsourced development as a service.

From our blog

Wiztr on the App Store

Wiztr app makes it super easy for private coaches to book sessions with their students and chat with them before and after sessions using the in-app chat.

3 lessons from my 0 to 1 journey

Founder Bala Gopalan shares his learnings from the Wiztr 1.0 development journey.

Lessons, classes .. same difference?

We might use them somewhat interchangeably in spoken language: “Lessons”, “Classes” .. like in, “piano lesson”, “piano class” .. Same difference, right? Not quite, as you will see from below ..

Wiztr API

Wiztr 1.0 iOS app is powered by the Wiztr REST APIs in the backend.