Who is Wiztr for?

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Get started with these simple steps.

Setup account

Start by verifying your phone number and set up your coaching account in two easy steps.

Setup-account1     Setup-account2

Book-session     easy-scheduling

Book session

You can start booking sessions pretty much right away.  Just tap on the calendar slot to begin booking from your phone contacts or by adding a new phone number.

View schedule

View your schedule at a glance from the calendar or the agenda view.

Track sessions

View and track sessions by each type of lesson you offer.  See if your students have responded to your booking invites.

Track students

Access your students by lesson. Track sessions for each student by lesson.

Chat with students

Engage in coaching conversations with your students (and their parents) through the built-in chat.

Respond to notifications

View and track the status of your booking invites through the notifications stream.  Optionally, choose to be notified through push notifications and/or SMS.

Manage account

Manage your coaching profile (what shall be visible to your students about you) and app settings.