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3 lessons from my 0 to 1 journey

Founder Bala Gopalan shares his learnings from the Wiztr 1.0 development journey.

Lessons, classes .. same difference?

We might use them somewhat interchangeably in spoken language: “Lessons”, “Classes” .. like in, “piano lesson”, “piano class” .. Same difference, right? Not quite, as you will see from below ..

Involve me and I learn

Earlier this year, we were driving by Los Gatos, when my then-grade-school-going daughter remarked, “Look at all those mountains. How tall are the peaks?” Few seconds pass. And then, she asks, “What is the meaning of prominence?” Prominence was one of the words she had to learn the previous week, from the vocabulary list of…

Ages and stages, mere numbers and labels?

As we begin a new calendar month, some of us might be acquiring a new label when it comes to age. That pesky number – possibly, the only number – that can only go up in a person’s lifetime. The topic of this post is age and some common labels related to a person’s age,…

Narratives too close to home

Here are some of the narratives that got me started on the Wiztr journey. Parent: I wish my kid practiced between her coaching sessions. Parent: Am I just an uber driver parent for my kid’s coaching classes? Parent: I have no idea.  My spouse is the active parent when it comes to my children’s coaching activities. Coach: Glad you…