Lessons, classes .. same difference?

We might use them somewhat interchangeably in spoken language:

“Lessons”, “Classes” .. like in, “piano lesson”, “piano class” ..

Same difference, right?

Not quite, as you will see from below ..

A lesson is a section of a course of instruction; an amount of teaching given at one time.

A class is a group of persons being taught one or more lessons.

A lesson is an abstraction while a class is generally a physical thing.

A lesson can be taken either privately or with a group of people; a class is always taught to a group. (Refer this for a healthy discussion on this topic).

From the perspective of  students (customers) in Wiztr, a lesson and a class have the following differences:

Lessons are booked privately with/by a coach.  Typically, for 1-2 students.   What is meant by “privately” is the following:  All students in a lesson would need to come from the same (and, single) customer. For example, 2 kids from the same family in private lesson for tennis. The parent or the adult guardian from that family is the sole customer of the coach for this “private” lesson.

Classes are typically for 2-or-more students. However, each student in the class could come from a different customer. For example, each of the 8 students in a group class for ballet could come from a different household. So there are 8 customers in this group for the coach.

For this reason, we refer to them in Wiztr as private lessons and group classes.  Or, simply, lessons and classes.

From the perspective of scheduling, a lesson and class also have the following differences:

A lesson is scheduled ad-­hoc between a coach and a student based on mutual availability.  For example, a tennis coach and her student (customer) arbitrarily agreeing to meet for the next session on Tuesday of the following week at 3pm as it is convenient for both of them.

A session of private lesson lends itself for cancellation by a student, so long as it is initiated by the student adherent to the policies of the coach (e.g., 24 hours prior). Where the lesson is offered commercially, a penalty may (or may not) apply for cancellations.

A class typically follows a fixed schedule that is published in advance.  The schedule offers 1-­or-­more recurring sessions that repeat according to a cadence (e.g., weekly) defined by the coach.  For example, 6 sessions occurring weekly on Tuesdays at 3pm for the group class, “Ballet for beginners”

A session within a group class can only be canceled by the coach and not by the student. It is the responsibility of the coach to reschedule the canceled session for a later date/time.

And, so you see .. NOT quite the same difference!

The first release of Wiztr focuses only on private lessons.  To see how lessons work in Wiztr, sign up for TestFlight access.

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