Narratives too close to home

Here are some of the narratives that got me started on the Wiztr journey.

Parent: I wish my kid practiced between her coaching sessions.

Parent: Am I just an uber driver parent for my kid’s coaching classes?

Parent: I have no idea.  My spouse is the active parent when it comes to my children’s coaching activities.

Coach: Glad you loved our session.  Let’s connect directly to schedule the next.  That service you found me through costs me every session.

Coach: I wonder how I can expand (and monetize) my student engagements beyond just the scheduled sessions.

Coach: How did I miss that session that I agreed to by SMS?

Student: Per my tracking, we’ve only used 3 sessions (and, not 4) from the 6-pack.

Do these narratives sound all too familiar?  Too close to home?  Certainly, they were .. for me.

The purpose of our Wiztr journey is to enable students, parents and coaches to connect in a simple and coherent manner for all coaching matters.


Edit (August 8, 2016): check out this page for illustrations of stories that are the reasons for why we are on this Wiztr journey.  They are based on original drawings by a grade schooler.

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