Month: July 2016

How deep a nest for my REST?

No, this post is not about ornithology or family life. It is about coding, design decision, software engineering, product development and likely, in that order too. We made a decision to build the Wiztr API layer as RESTful as possible. Ruby on Rails (RoR) is what we are using to do this. Spec for the…

Narratives too close to home

Here are some of the narratives that got me started on the Wiztr journey. Parent: I wish my kid practiced between her coaching sessions. Parent: Am I just an uber driver parent for my kid’s coaching classes? Parent: I have no idea.  My spouse is the active parent when it comes to my children’s coaching activities. Coach: Glad you…

Hello world!

In case you are wondering, Wiztr rhymes with Mister :=)