your coaching mattersyour coaching matters


Easy booking for your coaching sessions. Don't miss another earning opportunity.


Track progress together with your coaches through the in-app chat. Don't miss another learning opportunity.


View coaching schedules for the entire family with Wiztr. Stay engaged with your child's coaching pursuits.

What's cool about Wiztr?

You'll find these valuable. We have strived to make them cool too.

What's cool about Wiztr?

You'll find these valuable. We have strived to make them cool too.

Booking . Made easier

Hey coach, book your schedule with just a few taps. From your phone Contacts or a new phone number. Get notified when your students (or their parents) respond to your booking invites. The students you book do not need to be on Wiztr or have an iPhone.

Lesson catalog . Automated

Hey coach, Wiztr automatically creates "private lessons" from your selections for duration, location, and the type of activity .. when you book a new session. These private lessons make it easier to create and track newer bookings and manage your communications around them.

Chat . Built-in

Are your coaching conversations all over the place today? Email, WhatsApp, SMS, phone, Skype, Viber .. We know how you feel! Wiztr's built-in chat provides you one simple place for coaches and students to have coaching conversations beyond just the scheduled sessions.

Connections . For your coaching

Hey students and parents, connect with your coaches through Wiztr. Accept their invitations. As Wiztr grows, we would love to suggest or let you discover new coaches in your area matching your interests. We know that your needs, location and interests could change over time.

Who is Wiztr for?


Schedule and track sessions with your students from the Wiztr mobile app. Extend coaching conversations beyond your scheduled sessions through the built-in chat.

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Engage in conversations from all your coaching activities through one simple mobile app. Track sessions and progress together with your coaches.

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Connect with coaches to stay engaged on your child's development. Track coaching schedules for the entire family from one place, with Wiztr.

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We know you love RESTful APIs. We have them already, behind our iOS app. Help us develop awesome apps for our Android and Mobile Web world.

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Why are we on this journey?

Little stories behind Wiztr development that answer the WHY

Parent I wish my kid practiced between her coaching sessions.

ParentAm I just an uber driver parent for my kid’s coaching classes?

ParentI have no idea.  My spouse is the active parent when it comes to my children’s coaching activities.

CoachGlad you loved our session.  Let’s connect directly to schedule the next.  That service you found me through costs me every session.

CoachI wonder how I can expand (and monetize) my student engagements beyond just the scheduled sessions.

CoachHow did I miss that session that I agreed to by SMS?

StudentPer my tracking, we’ve only used 3 sessions (and, not 4) from the 6-pack.

Do these narratives sound all too familiar?

The purpose of our Wiztr journey is to enable students, parents and coaches to connect in a simple and coherent manner for all coaching matters.

Your coaching matters .. :=)


Who is behind Wiztr?

Founder and some fathers :=)







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